Mental Relationships - Jumbo A5 size

Mental Relationships - Jumbo A5 size

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A startling effect suitable for all performing conditions & no advance preparation is necessary!

You show three A5 Jumbo laminated sketches of family members or if you prefer your neighbours. These consist of a husband, wife and attractive grown up daughter.

While your back is turned the cards are mixed by a spectator and then they mentally select any one of the pictures, and please note this is a free choice, nothing is written down, added or taken away – just the three examinable picture sketches are used.

The three pictures are mixed a little more and then turned faces down BEFORE you turn and face the spectator; there is no secret marks or peeking involved.

Passing your hands mysteriously across the three pictures you eliminate two of them (no ‘Equivoque’, P.a.t.i.o’ or similar is used) no questions are asked and nothing is written down; at this point you have no idea which picture is being mentally concentrated upon.

One face down picture remains and when the spectator turns this over, they will be shocked to discover it is the very picture they have been concentrating upon!

Remember the spectator at no time names the picture; they simply picture it in their mind and the pictures are NOT marked in any way.

Can immediately be repeated with another spectator or at another table.

*No skill is required save the skill of presentation.
*Perform it anywhere at any time even over the telephone.
*A startling show-stopper if ever there was one!
*Ideal for TV or radio coverage.

Comes complete with A5 sized picture cards & instructions.

Only £12.99

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