Backwards Prediction

Backwards Prediction

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An amazing prediction trick using just a few playing cards! Backwards Prediction has to be one of the very best prediction effects ever offered.

Write your prediction on a piece of paper or the back of your business card.

Take a few cards from the pack, shuffle them and then allow anyone to place the cards behind their back and turn over sight unseen just one playing card.

No counting or elimination, they really can turn over just one card, inserting it back among the others.

Fan out the cards to show just one card is face upwards; let us say it is the Eight of Hearts. Anyone reads out your prediction and you have predicted that very card!

Do it again? Certainly, and you predict a different card each time!

In an alternative presentation you can show the spectator has turned over the only card with a different coloured back. Amazing!

•Very easy to do yet a stunning trick.
•Repeat the effect immediately.
•No skill or sleight of hand required.

Comes with the certain something that makes this miracle of close-up card predictions possible & instructions. Use your own Bicycle playing cards.

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