Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven

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How many times have you been to a wedding, engagement party or any special occasion & been asked to perform something special for that important couple?

Made in Heaven is just perfect for these special occasions as well as being a fantastic effect when table-hopping, fortune telling or anything similar!

You offer to test the compatibility of two people using a method taught to you by an old Gypsy or alternatively a famous Professor of magic and, while you cannot guarantee the results, so far it has proven to be extremely accurate on previous occasions.

From a small wallet you take out two bundles of blank cards. One card bundle is given to the lady and the other is given to her spouse to examine and shuffle to their heart’s content.

Each of the special couple is now given a permanent black marker pen and told to cut their packet at any card and write something special to their partner; it can be a love note, drawn heart or other picture or if they have recently had a falling out they can express themselves in any way they wish; their secret notes are exchanged and replaced faces down into each other’s packet totally unseen.

A double magic circle of cards is now dealt out on the table and you explain the closer each card is to each other’s will indicate their general compatibility.

They will both gasp with total amazement at the incredible compatibility results they have achieved! The position of both their cards in an exact match to each other!

100% satisfaction and entertainment guaranteed. Resets in ten seconds. Easy to do! Can also be performed with your business cards which can then be passed out to both the couple & the onlookers for the next time they need entertainment at their function!

Comes complete with plastic wallet, full pack of Bicycle Blank cards enough for many performances, routine & instructions.

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