Ghost Hanky

Ghost Hanky

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Similar to our Haunted Hanky but a colourful illustrated handkerchief depicting a ghostly scene which adds much to the atmosphere when presenting this ever-popular trick.

The ghostly handkerchief is destined to become a classic close-up effect.

You spread the large Hanky upon a table and fold in the corners.

Everyone is asked to concentrate on the handkerchief and suddenly a solid looking ‘something’ appears to rise up from its centre jumping up and down as if there is a ghost inside – it is truly spooky to watch.

However, the cloth is shaken out to show that nothing at all is inside it – it could only have been a ghost! Scary!

No threads are used. Ghost Hanky measures approx 17" x 17" (43cm x 43cm) square & comes with instructions.

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