Mismade Prediction Tear

Mismade Prediction Tear

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A spectator is asked to name his selected playing card. It is the Five of Diamonds.

The magician opens his folded A4 size prediction. It is a large printed Four of Diamonds (see picture.

The magician turns his prediction sheet to reveal the fifth diamond pip wrongly printed on the other side!

"Diamonds are a girls best friend!" You quip and the wrong diamond pip is cut off and offered as a gift to a lady, who doesn't seem too keen to receive it so you drop it into your folded prediction.

The lady is encouraged to say a magic word and when opened the paper is completely restored with the fifth diamond pip now in the correct position!

We consider this to be one of the finest paper tears on the market today, dead easy to do, if you can force a card you will perform it straight away!

Comes with with ten sheets per set, sufficient for ten complete performances & instructions.

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