Coin Flight - Mre

Coin Flight - Mre

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The perfect trick for your stand-up performances, using everyday objects in an entertaining presentation.

Two children are invited forwards, let us say a boy and a girl, they are positioned each side of you facing the audience and then each is given an empty paper bag to hold underneath their arm and a small unfaked earthenware plate to hold out flat between their hands.

Taking a handful of coins you slowly and distinctly count six of these onto the girl’s plate and then a further six coins onto the boy’s plate.

Note: the audience can clearly hear the clink of each coin on the plate as you do so and the children can clearly see there are just six ordinary coins on each plate.

The coins are now tipped into the two paper bags and from this stage onwards you do not touch the bags which are held in full view by the children.

Next follows a sequence in which you appear to cause three coins to magically pass from the girl’s bag into the boy’s bag invisibly one at a time.

The children themselves take the coins from their bags and the girl is allowed to count her coins one by one onto one of the plates, each with a loud clink, as it is counted –she now only has THREE coins.

Now the boy counts his coins onto the plate also with loud clinks & amazingly he now has NINE coins – proof indeed that you are a real magician!

No special props are supplied as you use your own paper bags, ordinary side plates and regular coins of any reasonable size such as 50 pence pieces or £2 coins or half dollars etc.

Comes with routine & instructions plus an extra BONUS routine suggested by Ali Bongo.

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