Haunted Pack - Bicycle - Improved

Haunted Pack - Bicycle - Improved

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You show a pack of Bicycle Poker size playing cards fanning them so the audience can see that they are all different.

Spectators freely select three of the cards and remember their names. The cards are replaced into the pack (faces upwards if you like).

Holding the pack face down on your hand, to everyone’s complete and utter amazement, the cards spookily and mysteriously start to move from side to side and front to back. Each time a single card is left protruding from the pack. It really is the spookiest thing that you have ever seen in your life! Remember, it happens right under their very noses.

The three cards are removed and turned face upwards – they prove to be the very cards freely selected a few moments ago!

If you tell fortunes, you can now give the spectator a short positive and interesting reading from the cards.

With our improved set-up, you can even place the cards on the floor and stand several feet away from them, when they will still start to move in their most weird and wonderful manner.

Comes complete with the special pack of quality Bicycle cards & instructions.

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