Drop Out - Anti-Gravity Ball

Drop Out - Anti-Gravity Ball

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Drop out also known as Ant-Gravity Ball is a superb close-up baffler; guaranteed to get your audience scratching their heads in bewilderment!

You shows a brass object that resembles a small bottle, passing it for thorough examination.

At the centre of the bottle is a bowl where you insert an audience examined small metal sphere.

Turning the bottle upside down, amazingly,the sphere does not fall out-apparently defying gravity! You repeat it again and again even shaking it violently and still the small steel ball stays put.

Next you allow the spectators to try, inevitably the sphere always falls out upon their open palm. Yet, when you take it back it still refuses to leave the bottle, that is unless you wish it to do so!

They can inspect your hands and your clothes, you could even make it work completely in the nude!

*The classic magic puzzle that drives everyone CRAZY!
*Easy to do, and the bottle and ball does not require preparation it is always ready to perform; everything can be given out for examination at any time!

There are no secret magnets, threads, sticky stuff or anything similar used, just the bottle, the ball and your secret knowledge of how to control gravity!

This is an intriguing close-up prop that cannot fail to frustrate & amaze any crowd, anywhere and at any time!

Comes complete with the Bottle (approx 4cm l x 1.3cm h x 1.3cm w), sphere (0.8cm in diameter) & instructions.

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