Just That Ultimate

Just That Ultimate

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A jumbo size fun trick that will leave your audiences gasping with amazement!

The magician shows an envelope and tells the audience that it contains a prediction. He then asks a spectator to select a card from a deck of playing cards but not show him.

Next, the magician picks up the envelope and pulls out a jumbo face down card saying that on it is the chosen card. He turns it over and to everyone's amusement ALL the 52 cards of the deck are printed on it!

The audience who are still laughing realise that the magician is just joking.

As soon as the spectator names his card though, the magician rubs his fingers on the named card printed upon the prediction, and one card turns face down and it is exactly the chosen one!

Furthermore its face is now visible on the other side of the prediction card!

The audience will stop laughing and start clapping for the clever way they have been entertained! First a funny gag then amazing magic!

• Easy to do.
• Very entertaining.
• A great magical twist on an old classic.

Comes complete with the special jumbo card & instructions. Use your own regular pack of playing cards for the selection.

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