About our Terms of Business - please read before ordering

About our Terms of Business - please read before ordering

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Our aim is to give you our very best service and the largest selection of items possible at highly competitive prices. We only supply these to people who have a genuine interest in magic & not to people who just want to find out how it is done.

From you first order you will receive our Newsletters sent out on a regular basis via email' if you have no wish to receive these please let us know.

Most items we sell are available from stock. We don't send substitute items unless requested by you. If, however, you wish to check if something is in stock before ordering you can either send us an email at eddie_burke@btconnect.com
or telephone +44(0)1782 304909 and we will be happy to advise you accordingly.

Sometimes we will unexpectedly run out of an item, in which case we will inform you immediately and advise when the product is expected to be available once again.

Items marked 'Waiting New Stock' means usually fresh stocks on their way to us and expected shortly. They will be dispatched to you just as soon as they arrive with us.

Pre-order items are products that are expected in a short time as available and that you can order from us in advance.

Items ordered with your credit or debit card by post, email or by telephone are not charged to your account until the items have been dispatched to you.

Some expensive effects will require a deposit if we order them specially for you.

Overseas please check with us about postage to your country

Complaints. Are attended to promptly, please ensure that you send these to eddie_burke@bconnect.com and no other email address; incase your complaint has gone astray, if we don't reply within seven days please telephone +x44 (0) 1782 304909 so it can be dealt with promptly.

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