Jesus and the Devil

Jesus and the Devil

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A great comedy prediction with a Christian message.

A spectator is asked to take part and you explain that he is about to choose a picture sight unseen from a number that you hold. The spectator is seated behind you and you show the pictures one by one to the audience, imagine their amusement when they see that each one of them is a picture of the Devil with a red face, devilish whiskers and a pair of horns. One Devil picture is left in full view as your prediction.

The spectator is now requested to select one of the pictures face down. Taking the prediction picture, you hold it back towards the audience, requesting the spectator to, “Please name your selected picture”.

Envisage the laughter when he calls out that it is a “Picture of Jesus”. At first, you act as if you think he is joking – but no, when the card is shown to the audience, it really IS a picture of Jesus!

“It’s a good job I am a magician as well as a mind reader”, you say, “Which is why I can magically turn my prediction card into another picture of Jesus to match your choice!” So saying, you turn over the prediction card you are holding in full view and it is a colourful picture of Jesus of Nazareth!

This always brings laughter & applause from even the hardest of audiences, but Eddie has added a magical ‘kicker’ to the finish, which really adds that extra special super touch that takes this classic comedy effect into the super miracle class.

When the other pictures of the Devil which have been in full view are displayed, they are also colourful pictures of Jesus who has overcome the Devil completely!

Jesus & the Devil is highly suited to Christian audiences of all ages and ideal to illustrate the temptations of Jesus during his forty days in the desert.

Comes complete with laminated pictures (approx. 4.75” x 3.5”),Eddie’s presentation & instructions.

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