Fly Swat

Fly Swat

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If you are in business for FUN then FLY SWAT is the ideal item to put some laughter and action into your shows!

The magician (that’s you) is having trouble with those pesky creatures that fly about and seem to get just about everywhere.

Flicking them away with his hand seems to have no effect!

Time for drastic action and to use that secret weapon, a fly swat with a long handle, in order to bash that fly and then get on with your magic.

The trouble is that pesky critter won’t leave you alone!

More energy is needed as you chase the fly with your swatter. A fly appears as if by magic and you chase it around the room with the audience cheering you on!

Then suddenly there’s a large spider dangling from your swatter and you swat at them both over your audience’s heads!

This will really wake them up! Nobody will sleep when you present this novelty!

The fun is fast and frantic and the laughter this produces is out of all proportion to the simple plot and props supplied.

Ideal for magicians, clowns and anyone that entertains. Great for both indoor and outdoor use. A fantastic running gag to feature in your show!

Comes with a long handled Fly Swat (18" x 4.25",46cm x 10.5cm) a fake fly and an even larger fake spider together with everything you need & instructions.

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