Presto Wand = Sorry sold out

Presto Wand = Sorry sold out

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This is a great comedy item for both children's and family audiences using a child helper from your audience.

The magician asks to borrow a handkerchief, the young helper says he doesn't have one, but luckily the magician spots one in the child's pocket.

He removes it but it is invisible.

During the routine that follows the hanky becomes visible, disappears and then shows up back in the helper's own pocket and this time it really IS visible!

Like so many great ideas, the Presto Wand is a prop which is beautifully simple yet endlessly versatile. Once you begin playing with it you'll find all kinds of magical uses.

Comes with the 12" (30.5cm) long Presto Wand & instructions, use your own silks.

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