New Plus Ultra Miracle - BRIDGE size

New Plus Ultra Miracle - BRIDGE size

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You place a jumbo-sized playing card in view as your prediction. Next to it you place a bridge pack of 52 playing cards, the faces of which you have freely shown. A spectator merely thinks of a number between one and fifty-two.

Without cutting or any sleights or moves, you openly deal cards face upwards one at a time. When the spectator reaches his thought-of number he calls you to stop dealing.

That card exactly matches your jumbo-size prediction!

If you prefer, the prediction card can be a regular sized playing card. Remember, no sleights, no memory work and no force of the number. The spectator can even count to his number himself if you so wish.

No wonder we have called this stunner the New Plus Ultra Miracle!

Comes with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

Only £14.99

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