The Chameleon Deck + DVD

The Chameleon Deck + DVD

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You will intrigue your spectators every time with this deceptively simple colour-changing deck trick.

Here’s just one of the routines included: Show the spectator a deck of cards that contains 52 different blue* backed cards.

Invite the spectator to select a card at random and amazingly their chosen card will be the only red-backed card in the pack!

Place the chosen card on top of the deck which just contained all blue backs and then in the blink of an eye the entire deck now has red backs!

The Chameleon Deck has no rough & smooth, no sleights, no funny ‘turns’ and no switches. It’s a stunningly simple but powerful trick!

The routines included are:
*Probability, Probably
*Home or Away
*Pick a Card
*The Chameleon Deck routine

Comes with a very special deck of Bicycle* playing cards and a DVD that explains everything you need to know to get up and running in minutes!
*You may receive either a BLUE deck or a RED deck.

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