Astro-Logic - Mr E

Astro-Logic - Mr E

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Astro-Logic has to be the simplest & most direct method of giving both a Zodiac reading and then revealing any person’s Astrological sign!

You show four cards with all the 12 signs of the Zodiac plus four of the planets printed on them in blue letters on both sides.

Your subject simply concentrates on which of the cards has their sign on them and instantly you know which sign they were born under, allowing you to mysteriously reveal this in any manner that you wish!

We like to give them a short Horoscope reading and then finally reveal the sign under which they were born as a stunning climax!

*The cards can be examined
*Simple, instant & easy to do!
*No memory work is involved
*Repeat it? Certainly - all night if you wish!
*Carry the cards in your wallet, always ready to perform
*Alternatively they can think of a planet and all is revealed!

Comes complete with a set of four 5.75” x 4” laminated Astro-Logical cards & instructions.

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