Improved Number-Voyance!

Improved Number-Voyance!

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Reading an item by Walter Webb inspired ‘Number-Voyance’ and Eddie first published this in Lee Earle’s SYZYGY The Journal of Contemporary Mentalism in 1996. The only difficulty with this version was that the three-digit number was always the same so that it wasn’t practical for repeat performances. After almost eight years of experimentation Eddie has now turned this masterwork into a superb masterpiece of mentalism.

You show nine large cards boldly numbered from 1 to 9 on their faces. The cards can be examined if you wish, as they are perfectly ordinary in every way. The nine cards are now mixed and cut to the audience’s heart’s content and then dealt out by a spectator into three piles. Three spectators each take one of the piles and fan them faces towards themselves – concentrating on the three digits each spectator has.

As they concentrate you take an artist's drawing pad and a black marking pen and write something on the side nearest to you. This is given to a fourth spectator to hold.

Please note: You write on the pad BEFORE the three-digit number about to be formed is selected by the three participants. This three-digit number will be different every time.

Each spectator now selects one of their three cards and calls out the number on it – let’s say they call out the numbers “five”, “four” and “six”. The spectator who holds it, now shows the pad boldly lists the numbers ‘5 –4 – and 6’ a brilliant and baffling climax!

Use any pad and black permanent marker pen. We supply the laminated cards and full instructions. If you are into mentalism in a serious way you really should get this one today!

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