Frightening Spikes - odd bin item

Frightening Spikes - odd bin item

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1 in stock. A fantastic Russian Roulette theme, the props consist of three wooden blocks, one with a sharp spike embedded in it.

A spectator is invited to cover the three blocks with three unmarked paper cups and mix them while you turn your back.

It is impossible to tell the cup with the sharp spike under it; even the spectators who mix them lose track of which upturned cup is which.

You then face the audience and dramatically bring your hands down on two of the cups crushing them completely.

The one with the spike is left untouched!

Everything can be examined before and after the trick. While completely safe if carefully learned and performed by responsible magicians, this item is NOT supplied to juveniles. Perform at your own risk.

Comes with the three attractively decorated blocks, (one with a spike) & instructions. 1 in stock.

Only £12.95

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