How to Make Big Money Selling Horoscopes

How to Make Big Money Selling Horoscopes

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Look in any newspaper and you will find a daily horoscope feature. Most of these have been going for years; millions of people worldwide turn to these horoscope predictions every day.

No matter if you believe in Astrology or not, there is BIG money to be made from selling horoscopes!

In this fascinating booklet, I will explain how you can cash in on this lucrative field, starting right now.

You will need no knowledge of Astrology and all the long hours of research has been done for you.

Enclosed you will find 12 ready to copy horoscope readings for your immediate use. Take these to your local printers or copy shop.

Alternatively, if you have access to a photocopier machine, you can easily copy them yourself. On the other hand, scan them onto your computer and print them using your computer printer.

No matter how you reproduce these clever horoscope readings they are going to make you big money wherever you can find an audience, or people gathered to watch a show.

You don’t have to perform as a mentalist either – I have sold them as a magician, a comedian, a hypnotist, a mind reader and even a clown - you can do the same!

Large A4 size 18-page paperback book that tells you everything you need to know plus 12 different ready to copy Master Horoscopes.

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