Instant Bottle from Silk

Instant Bottle from Silk

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This has to be the easiest and most professional way to produce a bottle of wine from nowhere. A wonderful start to your show.

Imagine freely showing a red, a yellow and a blue silk and tossing them singly in the air.

You collect them all together and then magically produce a real bottle of Champagne from the silks!

Immediately establishes you as an expert magician or illusionist. Superb for parties, dinners or any event as you can then give the bottle as a present. Any bottle can be produced for example a bottle of coke or beer.

All self-contained in the silks. No body loads or table loads needed.

The 'silks' we supply are specially made from strong hard wearing opaque fabric. The new improved gimmick makes it a lot easier to produce the load.

Comes with 2 gimmicked premium stage-size 'silks', 2 regular premium stage-size 'silks' and instructions.

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