Silk to Rabbit

Silk to Rabbit

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You display a white silk and tuck it into your hand leaving two corners protruding at the top like rabbit ears.

Push the corners down into your hand and then magically change the silk into a cute rabbit to loud acclaim!

Alan Wong's charming Silk to Rabbit is very easy to do and really funny to watch!

It is ideal as an opening trick in your children's shows or perform it anywhere in your act!

You could drop the small rabbit figure produced into a large prop or your top hat and then change it into a real live bunny!

Comes with a rubber white rabbit (approx 2" x 2" x 1.5", 5.08cms x 5.08cms x 3.81cms), a small white 100% silk handkerchief (approx 8", 20.32cms square) and illustrated instructions.

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