Real Man Test

Real Man Test

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Real Man Test is a naughty but nice one for the boys!

You show three different sexy pictures depicting a pair of lady’s legs, breasts, and derrières as you announce a real man’s test for your victim - er male volunteer

The pictures are all placed face upwards in a row upon a table or the seat of a chair.

A smaller picture of a bowler hat is shown and the gentleman is asked to cast his hat at a lady; making his preferred selection from legs, breasts or unmentionables from the glamorous-looking pictures.

Incredible though it may appear, you have magically influenced the participant to drop his ‘Bowler hat’ on the very freely chosen picture that cleverly you have previously predicted!

Mind Control?
Psychic Power?
Sex Appeal?!

Let them judge for themselves!

The truth is that it is a very canny, easy-to-do trick that you will enjoy performing again and again.

Comes with mini bowler hat picture and the three a-hums, sexy 4” x 6” picture cards & instructions.

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