Change Bag with Plastic handle

Change Bag with Plastic handle

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Greatest magical utility ever! Drop an item inside the bag then turn it inside out - VANISHED!

Turn the bag inside out again - APPEARANCE!

Use this Change Bag with any item that fits in to the bag producing! Vanishing! Changing! One hand activated.

This super new-style change bag is brightly coloured with a plastic handle and spotted nylon fabric which is surprisingly hard-wearing.

The Change Bag is 28.5cm (11.2") long and 11cm (4,3") in diameter.

Comes with colourful pictorial instructions PLUS instructions for the following effects:

*Rope pieces to whole one.
*Loose to knotted
*Loose to tied silks
*Loose silks to blendo
*Prediction with numbers
*Corn to pop corn
*Like a washing machine!
*Paper to money
*Yellow silk to blue
*Let's fix the news.

You will soon be developing many more with this superb magic prop. Easy to do.

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