Adventures in Numerology! - Mr E DOWNLOAD

Adventures in Numerology! - Mr E DOWNLOAD

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This all started when I first saw an effect performed by Al Koran on British Television.

Koran used three audience members and an examined, then audience shuffled pack of playing cards. Each participant thought of a number between 10 and 20. Using Numerology all three selected numbers were counted to in the pack and the cards thus arrived at were shown.

Three predictions that had been in full view were opened to discover that Koran had correctly predicted every card. The routine is fully explained in the author’s publication ‘Al Koran's Trio.’

Billy O’Connor first published the method used, but we were limited to cards between the numbers 10 and 20.

I have extended the method to cover all possible numbers from 10 to 52, which has opened up an incredible amount of new & exciting magic, both for the close-up worker and the club & cabaret magician or mentalist. All is fully revealed in this download including:

*Al Koran’s original Television Prediction, updated.
*The Perfect Four-Ace Routine. Audience members find the four Aces, at freely selected numbers between 10 and 52.
*The Perfect Club, Cabaret & Close-Up Prediction. A sealed envelope contains a single jumbo card. Using Numerology, the spectator counts to any card in the pack, between numbers 10 & 52. The card arrived at EXACTLY matches your prediction!
*The Perfect Coincidence effect. Two packs of cards with different coloured backs. Two spectators count down to different numbers in their packs, both end up with matching cards.
*The Berglas Effect, Any Card at Any Number. David Berglas developed this master effect. Any card named by an audience member is found at any number named by a second audience member.

We have no idea how Berglas achieves this, but in this download we give you my thoughts on the Berglas effect, together with a very practical & entertaining solution using just one genuine pack of 52 cards – allowing a free choice of number between 10 and 52 using the Numerology concept.

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