Bare Foot Magician Book Test - Download - Mr E

Bare Foot Magician Book Test - Download - Mr E

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Just like a Bare Foot Doctor, the Bare Foot Magician is prepared to perform anywhere-anytime, using simple everyday props!

Here is an astounding book test that is ideal for those elite performers.

Three unprepared dice freely tossed, turned and totalled are used by a spectator to select a page in a small unprepared pocket dictionary or book.

Either a word or a line of print is selected from the chosen page. Your written prediction is opened and you have miraculously and correctly predicted their choice!

•Use any small book or pocket dictionary as none is supplied.
•Use any 3 dice.
•Only regular envelopes & paper are used for the prediction, supply your own.
•The prediction is different each time you perform it.
•The total of the dice is always different – no it’s not 21!

Ideal for table hopping, street magic, TV, parlour and stage! Can also be performed impromptu style without the dice.

Perform it straight away – easy to do!

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