Bewildering Banknotes - Download

Bewildering Banknotes - Download

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A fantastic mentalism routine using three banknotes borrowed from members of your audience. Only ordinary everyday properties are used.

Three different value banknotes are borrowed from your audience let’s say £5, £10 and a £20 note (but they can be of any value or currency).

Their owners fold each note into quarters and they themselves seal each into three small pay packet size envelopes.

All three spectators write their initials across the sealed flaps. The envelopes are now collected and thoroughly mixed by yet another audience member.

Your three volunteers now test their latent psychic abilities, and try to sense which envelope they feel contains their own personal banknote. As they guess, each spectator’s choice is boldly written on the outside of their freely chosen envelope.

Please note: No equivoque or other forces are used. No faked pens or similar.

Each envelope is now taken in turn by an audience member who reads the amount written on the outside and then opens the envelope to remove the banknote inside.

The results prove to be absolutely sensational! In each and every case, all three participants have correctly divined the envelope that their own banknote was sealed inside.

The first two envelopes are opened and checked as correct – clearly the third envelope must contain the last banknote and the owner of this banknote confirms this and then concentrates on the banknote’s serial number.

You take a black felt pen and pad on which you openly write a series of numbers and letters. When the number is called out loud by the participant you have correctly divined the serial number on this banknote!

An unbelievable climax to an incredible routine.
*Only ordinary envelopes, banknotes & pens are used.
*No one ahead or one behind; the method is fantastic.
*No forcing, magnets, mirrors, sticky tape or stooges.
*Everything can be left with the audience at the finish.

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