Colour Test - DOWNLOAD - MR E

Colour Test - DOWNLOAD - MR E

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A test conditions two-person telepathy effect! Colour Test is the ideal effect to perform with your lovely assistant anywhere-anytime.

Consider this impossible test:Your assistant is escorted from the room and kept under supervision at all times by two or more audience members – she positively has no way of knowing what is happening in the performance room.

You take three small coloured items from your pocket – these could be three different coloured poker chips, small silks, ribbons or even three pieces of paper each with a colour written upon it.

Any spectator slips any colour they choose into his right hand pocket, a different colour into their left hand pocket and holds a third colour in their hand. There is positively no force, counting, switching around or any such restrictions and nothing is left on the table to give your ‘medium’ a clue.

You are now escorted from the room and only then is the ‘medium’ invited back in. You positively do NOT speak to each other discounting the possibility of a verbal code.

Under these impossible conditions the ‘medium’ concentrates and is able to accurately reveal which colour is in which pocket and which colour is hidden in the spectator’s hands. And yes it can be performed over the telephone – the telephone number being given BEFORE the selection is made!

Other small objects can be used – for example three coins of different denominations and the like.

This superb method has been a closely guarded secret for many years and is ideal to perform at parties or newspaper offices for publicity purposes. Everything can be examined and even borrowed – no fakes or electronic equipment is used.

You and your assistant will learn the clever secret in about twenty minutes flat and then have an item that you can both perform anywhere – anytime!

Special Bonus: A spectator hides an object from their own pocket inside their hands and your ‘medium’ reveals exactly what it is after you have left the room! Again you don’t speak to the medium and no stooge is used.

Full fantastic secret for you to download.
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