Dual Note Mystery - Mr E Download

Dual Note Mystery - Mr E Download

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A sealed envelope is given to any spectator to hold tightly between their hands.

Two banknotes (any denomination or country’s) are borrowed from two members of the audience and then in full view actually torn in half. A half of each banknote is now given to the two spectators to hold as security and as a reference later on.

The remaining two pieces are vanished or openly burned.

The spectator holding the sealed envelope now opens it themselves and find the missing parts of the banknotes inside, these are found to be the same two that formerly vanished as they match the pieces held by the spectators and the serial numbers also match.

Following this the torn notes are put one each into two envelopes and passed back to their owners – when they open the envelopes themselves a few moments later they are found completely restored!

George Blake’s amazing routine has been stunning audiences since he first released it in 1966 and has been performed on British television at least TWICE!

Several baffling principles are brought into play. Principles that will puzzle even knowledgeable magicians.

You will find it a pleasure to work Dual Note Mystery.

No mess, fuss or sleights. All you need is George Blake’s easy to follow instructions in the download.
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