Bobby the Greedy Bunny - Mr E

Bobby the Greedy Bunny - Mr E

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Based on our popular item Johnny Thin this is the tale of Bobby the greedy bunny who ate too many carrots.

You illustrate the story by showing several picture cards one is a picture of a slim rabbit called Bobby Bunny and the others are pictures of bunches of carrots.

As your story unfolds, one bunch of carrots card is placed back outwards in full view; Bobby plans to eat these later.

The picture of Bobby is now mixed with all the other carrot pictures and the children try to catch him out by guessing which picture is Bobby Bunny.

The boys have a go and so do the girls in your audience; even the mums and dads can try – each time they are wrong and always end up with a carrots picture.

Eventually Bobby Bunny vanishes from the scene completely and only the back out card placed to one side earlier has not been shown. This turns out not to be carrots after all but a picture of a FAT Bobby Bunny!

Bobby the Greedy Bunny is a fun, entertaining way to get the important message home to children (and their parents!) about sensible eating.

An easy to do effect using six large A5 picture cards that will take up no room in your show bag.

No double lifts or other sleights are involved and you will be able to put this fun item with its important message into your show straight away.

Comes complete with laminated picture cards (5.75” x 8”), suggested routine & instructions.

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