Afternoon Tarot Sessions

Afternoon Tarot Sessions

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A master mental effect with Tarot cards. The tremendous advantages and possibilities of this stunning act cannot be over exaggerated. Here is an out-of-this-world attraction, which can become a one-person feature show wherever audiences gather.

The basic effect is that you make a secret prediction, either on a pad, slate, tape recorder or sealed inside an envelope and this is given for safekeeping to any spectator. Please note you have absolutely no need to touch your prediction again during the course of your show.

A pack of Tarot cards (which may be borrowed) is introduced and may be examined. Several members of your audience cut and shuffle the pack, clearly the cards are thoroughly mixed together. A number of cards are now selected and about seven to ten spectators who would like a reading, each receive one, sight unseen, as they are distributed amongst your audience.

Immediately you appear to read their minds and start to correctly reveal each of their chosen Tarot cards at lightning speed, furthermore you disclose what that card predicts for the participant who holds it. Your audience will be spellbound!

Only one card remains unnamed. Your earlier prediction is shown – let us say it’s the Seven of Coins. The final card is now revealed, and you are 100% correct – it IS the Seven of Coins!

A superb little-known method suitable for close-up, TV, radio, theatre, club & cabaret presentation. No switching, no palming and no fumbling. No suspicious peeks, no markings, every phase is logical and above board. Originally performed by Eddie on luxury Aznar cruise ships as an extra afternoon feature for the passengers. Also performed for Butlin’s holiday camps & hotels for their Psychic Weekends to great acclaim!

Our concise booklet details the full method, routines and applications so that you can add this to your act and details how you can earn big money with this original attraction, almost immediately. The only skill you will require is the skill of presentation. Highly recommended.

15-page A4 sized booklet packed with information.

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