Incredible Newspaper Prediction - Download - KdC

Incredible Newspaper Prediction - Download - KdC

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You show a folded piece of paper or card explaining that this is your prediction and you give it to a spectator for safekeeping.

The spectator is given a marker pen and then asked to write any number from one through to sixteen on the outside of the prediction.

From this moment on you do not touch your prediction and there is no switch or anything similar involved.

Taking a copy of the current day’s newspaper you remove one double sheet and tear it into a packet of sixteen pieces which are passed to a second spectator & again no switches or extra pieces of newspaper are involved.

The second spectator counts down to the freely chosen number from the first spectator and reveals what is printed on each side of the torn piece she has counted to.

Let’s say there is a headline word such as Murder; a picture of a sports personality and a few words of text relating to another story on the chosen slip, the choices will vary at each performance.

Your prediction paper or card is freely opened by the spectator who has been guarding it and the contents revealed.

You have exactly predicted all the relevant information on the chosen slip at the freely chosen number! Ken De Courcy’s outstanding applause-puller from any audience is now available to you.

Everything can be left for examination at the finish with no clue to the methods used.

The working is extremely simple & direct, properly explained in this download exactly as performed by de Courcy.

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