Maiden or Dead - Download

Maiden or Dead - Download

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The living or dead test seems to have gone out of fashion which is a pity since it was always such a strong effect!

However in this version you can present it either using living and dead names, or having spectators write the current names of their mothers, together with one who writes her mother’s maiden name.

You show five blank cards and have either four spectators’ write the names of living relatives or friends while your back is turned and one who writes the name of a deceased relative or use four current mothers’ names and one mother’s maiden name.

The cards are collected and mixed by a spectator and then laid writing side down in a row along the table.

During the routine that follows the person thinking of the dead or maiden name eliminates four names face down and chooses one that she senses is the dead, or her own mother’s maiden name. She holds her hand on the chosen name still face down on the table.

Slowly one by one the eliminated names are turned face upwards and read out loud – the four spectators all confirm these are their mother’s name or a live person’s name – it is clear that the one the lady is holding must be the maiden/dead name but now mysteriously you read her mind and correctly name the maiden/dead name BEFORE the card is turned over for everyone to see!

It is ideal for stage, cabaret, parlour or close-up performances. The routine is very easy to do but has a devastating effect on your audiences.

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