Horror in Mind - Mr E

Horror in Mind - Mr E

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Pattering about how horror films can play on our minds, sixteen individual laminated mini-posters of scary movies are shown and may be examined and shuffled by anyone.

Four spectators each merely THINK of any one of the horror films and imagine it is “silently playing in their mind” one-by one you hand each of them a face down horror poster.

For the very first time they take turns naming out loud the film that they have been visualising and then they show the rest of your audience the scary poster that you have handed to each of them personally.

Incredibly you have read all four minds and each mini poster displays the very horror film they have been merely mentally visualising!

As you read each of their minds you also give your impressions of the film they are mentally playing, for example, “I am getting the mental impression as you play your film only in your imagination- of staring eyes, weird children, zombies – a blood stained knife!”

And so on, building up the tension and the excitement as you appear to zoom in on to your participant’s inner imaginings with supernatural-style accuracy.

•No force or Tossed Out Deck principle, each person has a free mental choice.

•The mini-posters are not marked or gimmicked in any way.
•The posters are all different & each participant is thinking of a different one. They need not speak or say a thing.
•No stooges, set-up, one ahead or secret gimmick involved.

Comes with sixteen different A6 jumbo laminated Horror Film mini-posters, instructions & routine. Easy to do!

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