Rope, Hanky & Ring - Download

Rope, Hanky & Ring - Download

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You run a piece of rope through your hands and in the process both hands are shown empty.

A handkerchief is then draped over the centre of the rope where it is retained in position by a single knot.

The rope is then handed to a spectator for safe keeping.

Next you introduce a ring which is placed into your left hand from where after a moment or two it vanishes.

Dramatically the handkerchief is pulled free of the rope and the audience are amazed to see that the ring is now knotted on to the centre of the cord!

Everything can now be left in the audiences hands for examination.

Use any kind of ring for this effect; curtain rings, finger rings or what have you, together with a piece of unfaked rope and an ordinary, even borrowed, handkerchief.

No split ring, magnets or anything similar is used.

Once you have read our illustrated instructions you will find the trick is easy to do either close up, cabaret or on stage. A super feature effect that you will perform often.

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