Master Mind Divination - Download

Master Mind Divination - Download

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I have delayed putting this item on the market for two reasons; first I wished to establish who first developed it, which I have failed to do & second it is so strong I wanted to keep it to myself!

Time passes and one gets older; and I argued with myself that if I didn’t publish it perhaps it would be gone forever, so here it is, one of the strongest mental effects I have ever come across in a lifetime in magic & mentalism.

You can use any pack of playing cards even a borrowed one and this is freely shuffled by audience members.

From the top of the pack a few cards are taken and passed to members of the audience until about four or five people each have a small bundle of cards.
Each person mentally selects any card from the packet and commits it to memory – the cards are not forced or named; they each simply remember a card. They then shuffle their packet of cards. All the cards are now collected into one packet and thoroughly mixed.

Taking a few cards at a time; you fan the cards with their backs to you so that each participant can see if their card is in this packet.

You then take out cards and lay them face down in front of four of the participants; they each name their card and then turn the card you have placed before them (they can even hold them face down between their palms) and lo and behold you have correctly revealed the very cards each have merely thought of.
One card is still to be revealed so you give a packet of cards to another spectator who holding the cards face down, is instructed to eliminate cards; until she holds just two – can the final thought of card be one of these?

The spectator hands you just one last card and the participant names her thought of card out loud. The card being held in full view is now turned face upwards – it is the very self same card merely thought of – a fantastic applause pulling climax!

Use any size & style cards; Bridge,Black, Poker, Jumbo, Giant, ESP or Tarot. Easy to do!

No extra cards, palming, switching, memory work, one ahead or anything similar. A truly devastating feature effect that can be performed with any pack of cards – anywhere – anytime!

Mr. 'E' eight-page download explains it fully.

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