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This feature effect was both the opening and the closing of Eddie’s ‘Psychic & Mystic Show’ dating from 1990 until the year 2000. The subtle and original secret method used is revealed for the first time!

Eddie Burke first pioneered this subtle secret in the 1990s when he toured leading theatres and hotels with his ‘Psychic and Mystic Show’. He also allowed his friend Peter Casson to feature it in his ‘Supernatural Show’.

To be honest, I don’t want to give away too much here, as this is just too strong to become generally known. It requires showmanship to present it. No special apparatus or any advance information about your audience members is required. A large book of ‘readings’ can be used if you so wish but are not essential.

Once you understand the simple concept you will not only be able to give ‘readings’ but you will be able to point out members of your audience (complete strangers) and reveal their exact Astrological sign and no, you do not have to spell them out a letter at a time, anagram style, you name the full signs in a positive and decisive manner with extreme accuracy!

There has been nothing to even touch this on the market previously. All the work has been done for you so that you don’t have to remember anything! If you work club, cabaret or stage shows (under any conditions; close-up or even surrounded) then this amazing 50-page volume is for you!

Astro is sold as a ‘sealed secret’ on the strict understanding that you won’t reveal the amazing method to others! This is for the mystery entertainer who wishes to present stunning miracles- let’s keep it that way!

Very highly recommended. Not sold to juveniles.

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