Mini Magic Hat with 3 Hats

Mini Magic Hat with 3 Hats

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Mini Magic Hat is the ideal way to vanish, change & reproduce small articles such as silks, ribbons, small papers, torn off corners of playing cards & banknotes.

Vanish a silk in the hat and have the empty hat examined only to cause the silk to magically reappear in the examined hat!

Great for close-up & table hopping.

While ideal for your Christmas shows, you are not confined to Christmas with these super novel hats; use them at any time of the year as mini magic hats that belong to your magic pixies to very good effect.

With our two sets of hats you could cause a small silk handkerchief to vanish from one hat on the finger of one child to reappear inside a second hat on the finger of another child on the opposite side of the stage, room or table.

This set of three that we supply is perfect to perform hunt the silk which magically jumps from one hat to the other or a clever version of Just Chance in which the spectators get just a piece of paper while you win a £20 banknote. (Use any currency).

Mini Magic Hats are nicely made of soft red cloth with white faux fur trimmings, each measures approx 5" long with a mouth opening of 2". Use your own silks & ribbons.

Mini Magic Hat comes with 3 HATS, gimmick plus instructions. Very easy to do.

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