Circus Animals

Circus Animals

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Circus Animals is a comedy adaption of the popular spelling trick using six A5 size jumbo cards of colourful circus pictures mostly of animals plus an A4 easy spelling card.

The cards are all shown one by one to be a Circus Big Top and various circus animals, at this point there is no sign of a Clown card among them. A child is brought forward and you introduce your easy spelling card.

The child can ALWAYS successfully spell to the correct circus animal while you the performer always get the funny clown that mysteriously appears - no matter what animal you spell.

Alternatively you can have a magic spelling competition between an adult and a child, the child always wins while the adult always gets the clown picture – even at the end!

Or why not pretend to hypnotise or put a comical spell on the child to always win and the adult to always lose. It’s great fun!

No matter which way you present this it’s a winner that you will not wish to leave out of your programme of children’s or family shows!

No skill or sleight of hand is used & resets in a moment.
Perform it anywhere at any time.

Takes up hardly any room in the bottom of your bag where it is always ready to inject fun & laughter, not to mention a little magical mystery, into your shows!

Comes complete with the colourful circus picture cards, spelling card & instructions.

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