Sign of the Cross

Sign of the Cross

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This is a wonderful trick to teach children about Christian values, Good Friday and Easter. Ideal for schools, parties and special occasions, parents & teachers love it

Three large cards (approx 5.75" x 7.75") are shown fully back and front, each has a different coloured Cross; Red, Blue and White.

The red cross represents the thief on a cross next to Jesus who mocked him, the blue cross represents the thief who repented and the white cross represents Jesus.

As your story unfolds the cards are placed one by one in to a simple unfaked empty folder.

Offering to check the children’s memory you take out the Red Cross and the children call out that it represents, “The thief that mocked”.

Next you remove the Blue Cross and the children call out, “The thief that repented.”

Only one colour is left in the folder and you ask everyone to call this colour out and they all call, “WHITE” and what is white for? “White is for Jesus”.

You open the folder and show that it only contains one last card with a message ‘He has GONE!’ It is now seen that the White Cross is missing.

Naturally they all want to see the opposite side of the card and following some ‘Turn it around’ fun – you mention Doubting Thomas and show the opposite side with still no sign of the missing white cross but showing a picture of Jesus!

We have designed the cards to cut out the usual sucker type element and instead the final picture emphasises the magic but without losing any of the fun and mystery so both you and your young audiences will really enjoy this presentation and you will use it often.

Plays big but takes up no room in your bag. Resets in a second and if you wish you could carry it in your pocket. Why not get yours today & feature it in your next show!

Comes complete with the laminated colourful cards, simple folder, routine & instructions.

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