Flower Wallet with 10 Mylar Flowers

Flower Wallet with 10 Mylar Flowers

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This beautiful effect can be featured in your very next show; while it is most appealing it is also practically self-working.

You show an empty black wallet (7" x 5") and when you open it, it is seen to contain two beautiful Mylar colourful flowers.

You place the flowers on to your table or in a vase and the wallet is seen to be empty.

When you open it again, it is seen to contain another two flowers of a different colour!

This is repeated several times.

Each time you open the wallet more pretty flowers appear until you have five sets of different coloured flowers making a big display!

Comes with the special jumbo sized wallet (7 x 5"), four sets of different coloured jumbo spring flowers, instructions & alternative suggested routines.

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