Tarot Reader's Dream - Download

Tarot Reader's Dream - Download

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Your fortune told by the Tarot cards! Nearly everyone likes to have their fortune told and most people enjoy hearing their future prognosis whether or not they believe in it!

Here is a fun and fascinating way for you to cash in and include such an interlude in your close-up, walkabout or cabaret shows.

After shuffling twenty-one cards from a Tarot deck and using a little numerology, your ‘client’ selects four cards for her ‘reading’ – and this proves to be a reading with a difference!

Not only do you give an intriguing psychological reading from the cards, you do so without having to look at the faces of the four chosen cards – and then as an extra kicker and with your back still turned, you correctly reveal the very cards that the ‘client’ has selected!

You make no claim that the readings are accurate or true; however they do prove to be both interesting and entertaining.

Our method is superior to methods used by many professional ‘readers’ and is highly recommended to those that wish to pose as a fortune-teller or Tarot-reader for amusement or profit.

No cards are supplied in this download version but you can use your own.

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