Swap Wallet - Low Cost

Swap Wallet - Low Cost

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Here is a low price version of the popular wallet that will give you and your audiences loads of magical fun.

Swap Wallet is a very versatile piece of magic equipment.
It can be used to vanish, produce or exchange any item that it can hold!

Use it to make the name of a forced playing card appear on a blank business card.

Three freely chosen cards hidden inside the wallet and you can instantly name each one. No set up deck.

Four cards pulled out by different spectators prove to be the four Aces.

Banknotes change value, vanish or multiply. Pictures magically change or become coloured.

You will surely find many more uses for this clever wallet.
It's made of durable vinyl and does everything as well as wallets costing fifty times as much!

Comes complete with Swap Wallet (approx 6 3/4" x 3 3/4") instructions & many ideas for its use.

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