Tarot Luck

Tarot Luck

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Note: Tarot cards shown in the video are different to the ones supplied.

The ideal effect to perform anywhere at any time; great for close-up, parlour and table-hopping.

A low-cost item that you can always carry in your wallet or purse using just three Tarot cards & it has that special magical touch for the ladies in your audience.

You show three Tarot cards explaining that two of them you always carry to attract good luck and the third is to banish bad luck any time it shows its ugly face.

The lucky cards are turned face down with the unlucky card sandwiched between them.

A magic pass and you show the unlucky card has also turned face down, which you explain helps to ward off any small unlucky event you may encounter.

But what about those major unlucky events? Well that takes a mystic pass of your hand over the cards and you now hold THREE lucky cards the UNLUCKY card has vanished without a trace!

Both sides of each card can be shown and there is no sign of the unlucky card. No rough & smooth or sticky stuff used & no secret pockets in the cards. No sleight required.

Very easy to do.

If you wish, the unlucky card can be reproduced from your pocket or wallet as you state, “In life, just like a bad penny, the unlucky card always turns up!”

Comes complete with the set of 4.25” x 2.45” quality Royal Tarot cards (values are different in each set) & instructions.

Sold at a pocket money price and it is very easy to do!

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