Beginner's Bargain Parcel - Number 1

Beginner's Bargain Parcel - Number 1

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When you are new to magic it is sometimes difficult to decide just which of our marvellous effects to purchase at the start!

We have made the selection for you with TEN of our most popular beginner's tricks that are ideal to start baffling your friends and relatives.

All are very easy to do and ideal to show at parties and social events, or to carry in your pocket and amaze your friends.

This number 1 parcel contains a variety of different magic tricks as follows:

Acrobatic Jokers
Ball & Vase
Big Ben Vanishes
Break-Away Wand
Buddha Mystery
Chianti Imp Bottle
Chinese Laundry Ticket
Cups & Balls - Powder Coated
De Luxe Marked Cards
ESP Prediction with Star Band

All of the above items can also be found on this website under Beginner's Magic and at their own individual prices.

If you purchased them separately they would cost you a total of £53.61 plus postage.

Buy them all as one parcel and we will send ALL TEN super items Post & Packing FREE in the UK - and at 33% off the total price!

Overseas please add £10.00 for postage this can be paid via PayPal on this website. Go to Extra Payment Required under Categories on our Home page.

Get ALL TEN items by clicking on this link at 33% off their regular price:

Only £34.99

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