Parrot Paradox

Parrot Paradox

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Percy the Parrot is very sad because he has to live in a cage so his owner buys him three parrot stands to try and cheer him up!

Percy is soon jumping from stand to stand in a most bewildering manner and no one can catch him - not even the children in the audience.

Soon, however, he has vanished completely!
•Has he escaped?
•Has he been kidnapped?
•Where on earth can he be?

Well, it takes lots of magic words and wand waving to bring him back for his applause, when he then reappears in a most unexpected manner to everyone’s delight!

Parrot Paradox is a delightful effect for your children and family shows with lots of fun and audience participation.
It is very easy to do!

Comes complete with the special laminated picture cards (8" x 5.5"), routine and instructions all ready for you to perform straight away.

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