Lie Detector

Lie Detector

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From the early 1930s, the Lie Detector Test has been featured on TV and films. Based on the belief that the subject’s body involuntarily gives off a ‘measurable response’ when that person tells a lie.

Several magical effects have been featured using this concept but we think our item Lie Detector is one of the best yet!

Talking about how difficult it is to remember the details of a crime when asked to remember it by a policeman you offer to demonstrate your new Lie Detector method that doesn’t rely on complicated electronics or anything special.

You show a set of “Crime cards” each of which has a different crime printed on it like Murder, Robber, Conman etc and your spectator shuffles them, has a free selection of one and then commits the crime secretly to their mind.

Now follows a series of questions to which your spectator is free to answer truthfully or to lie just as they choose; answering with a simple “Yes” or “No.”

This gives you a lot of scope for some amusing quips and bits of business, such as, “Hmn, I think your nose grew a little longer with that answer!”

This information is now fed directly into the Crime Cards acting as a magical Lie Detector and correctly supplies the answer to the crime they are concentrating on!

Only the special laminated “Crime Cards” are used in this unusual & intriguing trick, these are not marked or faked in any way and can be freely examined by your audience.

There is no special set-up and so with these in your wallet you are always ready to perform. Ideal for close-up & table-hopping & even TV performances.

This does NOT work on the old Age cards method.

Comes complete with ten Crime Cards (approx. 3.25” x 2.25”), instructions & clever routine.

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