Sliding Knot Surprise

Sliding Knot Surprise

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You show a length of white rope with taped ends and holding both ends one in each hand, you tie a single knot into its middle without letting go of the ends.

You now explain that this is a special magic knot and to prove it you slide the knot from the middle of the rope to one end.

Next you slide the knot completely down the rope and off the other end claiming that the knot has now disappeared and toss the rope out to be examined.

Your audience are suspicious however, as you keep your fist firmly closed and it is obvious that you are concealing something inside – they suspect this is the missing knot.

Imagine their surprise when you say, “You caught me red handed!”

So saying you open your hand to show that it does contain a large knot BUT THE KNOT IS BRIGHT RED!

Comes complete with quality magician's rope & instructions.

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