Santa Magic Hat

Santa Magic Hat

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You enter wearing a Santa costume or just a Santa hat.
Then with the use of your hat, you start mystifying the audience with wonderful magic effects!

Alternatively the hat could be given to a child assistant to wear, and at the right moment it could become a fabulous "magic tool".

This magical hat allows you to do many routines and is great for any kind of audience.

With it you will be able to magically produce a silk, change it into a banknote, tear a piece of paper up and magically restore it, cut a rope or ribbon and make it whole again, change the colour of a silk or ribbon, make an object vanish and so forth.

Santa Magic Hat is only limited by your own imagination.

You can use it at any time of year either as Santa's or an Elf's Magic Hat; no need to put it away after Christmas.
A must-have for Christmas shows or any time of the year!

Comes with the red fabric Hat with white trim (approx 20cm x 30cm) & instructions. Use your own production items.

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