Ghost Silk

Ghost Silk

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You display a large silk handkerchief and pass it through your hands a number of times.

At any time you wish, the silk remains totally stiff, standing straight up into the air.

The silk then flops back down in your own hands or will do so when passed to a spectator!

You have complete control over the silk and can repeat the trick immediately.

Ghost Silk can be used for table-hopping at restaurants or on the largest of stages.

Looks amazing when produced from some prop such as a change bag and then caused to stand upright; the Indian Rope Trick with a beautiful silk handkerchief!

No threads or pulls are used. No reset required. Self contained effect & very easy to do.

Comes with patterned satin Silk (approx 14 inches square, will stand upright from diagonal corners to this length)and instructions.

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