Measles Bag - Odd Bin Item Half price sale

Measles Bag - Odd Bin Item Half price sale

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1 in stock. Loosely based on Spotty Bag by Billy Day to which we hold all rights, Measles Bag is a winner from Ickle Pickle Magic of the USA.

To a cute routine using patter about measles, a red and white polka dot bag is shown to be empty.

A solid red handkerchief and also a white one are placed inside.

A magic word and you take the handkerchiefs out to show that the red one has now turned white and the white one has now turned red.

However the audience are just too sharp and tell you that you have just taken the handkerchiefs out in the opposite order.

Offering to repeat the trick the handkerchiefs are put back inside the bag and magic words are spoken.

When they are again taken from the bag, the red hanky has WHITE SPOTS on it and the white hanky has RED SPOTS on it!

But you insist that some of the spots on the handkerchiefs are missing and when the bag is shown on the inside, there is a boy with measles all over his face!

Comes complete with comical-looking boy with measles, handkerchiefs (9.5" x 9.5") bag (12" x 10") & routine.
1 in stock.

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